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It's so laughable: Ha, ha, ha-ha-ha-ha

Paint me a martyr for hate in the heart

30 May
Hi, I'm CrazyGitar (I might give you my real name if I get to know you) and I am an aspiring writer. I've been writing most of my life and studied Creative Writing at University. I use my LiveJournal as a way to get my work out there for people to read and talk about.

To that end, here is a link to a PDF file of all the work I have posted on LJ that will be updated as I add more and more work:
LJ Portfolio

I'm aiming to split my work into several PDFs, e.g. 'Poetry' and 'Prose' and will hopefully do that in the near future and I will update my Bio with links as and when they are created.

Here is a PDF of all of my poetry:
Poetry Portfolio

I'm a member of the following communities and my work is put up throughout them. I would like to thank them and their members for inspiring me and for commenting on my work.

I also use my LJ as a vent through journal entries, but only my friends can see those!