CrazyGitar (crazygitar) wrote,

These Ones...

These ones are for me to sleep
when I can't simply rest in peace.

These ones help me to stay awake
when I find it hard to concentrate.

These ones give me what my body lacks
from food I eat to try and relax

These ones are for my stomach
and its constant, unending ache.

These ones are difficult to swallow,
but help when I'm scared of tomorrow.

These ones feel strange at the start,
but the feelings fade as I drift apart.

These ones ease the pain in my joints
caused by years of stupid exploits.

These ones balance me out inside,
because I'm told that I'm not quite right.

These ones keep my veins from closing
and help to stop my heart exploding.

These ones find the throbbing pain
that fills my skull almost every day.

These ones try to keep me focused
instead of feeling panicked and hopeless.

These are ones I got prescribed yesterday
to fix all the problems the others create.
Tags: poetry, writing
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