CrazyGitar (crazygitar) wrote,


I hear you and I know your voice well.
It is calm and inviting
But I know better than to listen,
To let you through the door.

You try again with desperation
Seeping through, compelling you forward
But I resist and keep the door closed.
You will not get any closer to me.

Now you begin to reveal yourself,
To stop hiding your true self
But you do not show anger at me,
You begin to laugh, quietly.

The laughter is the worst you can do,
It shows everything to me,
Your contempt, your hatred, your disgust
And your never-ending obsession.

I close my eyes and block you out,
You with your gluttonous hunger
For me, for all that I give you
That I never allowed you to take.

You laugh at my futile efforts.
We both know this is just a game.
You will always be a part of me,
And nothing I do will change that.
Tags: poetry, writing
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